Assisted Hatching

fertility_lab_05For the first six days of life embryos remain within a hard shell-like structure called the zona pellucida.  Assisted hatching is a micromanipulation technique in which a small opening is gently made in the zona pellucida of three-day-old embryos. This technique may be useful in women who have been unsuccessful with IVF in the past, or in older age groups.

Embryo Freezing and Cryopreservation

5887973-digital-illustration-of-molecules-in-isolated-backgroundCouples undergoing IVF can have high-quality embryos that are not transferred and may be frozen for future use.  This is known as embryo cryopreservation.  Embryos can be placed back into the uterine cavity (a “thaw” cycle) after being frozen for many years.  In this way, the couple can avoid repeating the egg retrieval process.

Stay Tuned – GENES fertility institute will be soon offering Egg Vitrification and Preimplantation Diagnosis