Donor egg IVF is a technique reserved for those women who have reduced “ovarian reserve.”  This means that despite the use of fertility drugs, their ovaries cannot produce enough healthy eggs to successfully achieve pregnancy.  In this case, eggs from a donor can be used in combination with IVF to achieve pregnancy.

Egg Donation and Surrogacy

Picture I Mia 275x206For many couples, the only option for achieving pregnancy is the use of eggs (small eggs) from a donor. The reasons why a woman can not use her own eggs are varied. These include when the ovary stops producing eggs and good quality for natural reasons in patients aged 40 years or younger women when the eggs are completely depleted (premature menopause). Other causes include when the patient has had 2 ovaries removed, or has lost the function of these by cancer treatments (chemotherapy or radiation). There are also some chromosomal type diseases that women can transmit a genetic defect when using their own eggs, so it is preferable donation.

A Success Story with Egg Donation and Surrogacy

Under the direction, support and coordination of Dr. Nabal Bracero Serrano. born in December 2005, Mia Isabella, Puerto Rico first baby conceived through IVF procedures and Surrogacy using the womb of the mother of the patient.

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