An integral part of the infertility evaluation of a couple is the examination of the man’s semen.  Semen analysis is the most important screening test for evaluating male infertility and should be performed 2-3 times during the couple’s infertility evaluation.

microSemen analysis is a laboratory procedure in which the ejaculate is examined to determine the quantity of the sperm present, their motility and progression (movement and direction) and morphology (shape).  Other semen parameters which are also routinely assessed are the pH of the seminal fluid, presence or absence of sperm agglutination, and indication of possible infection or inflammation.  When analyzing a semen sample, our lab staff also look beyond the basics for a more complete analysis.  Specially stained samples are examined under high-magnification to determine the morphology.  If necessary, we can also analyze for the presence of sperm antibodies, a rare condition that can incapacitate sperm.

The information gained from this examination is probably the single most important test in the evaluation of the male partner.  Our experienced laboratory staff is capable of identifying potential problems through the initial semen analysis and then individualize the preparation process for intrauterine insemination (IUI).  We are also able to manipulate sperm processing and optimize sperm viability for assisted reproductive techniques (e.g., In Vitro Fertilization).

In Addition to the semen analysis, the GENES fertility institute Andrology laboratory performs the following laboratory procedures:

RETROGRADE EJACULATION: Retro-ejaculated sperm is recovered from post-ejaculatory urine and analyzed.

SPLIT-SEMEN ANALYSIS FOR OLIGOZOOSPERMIA: Semen is partitioned or fractionated during the ejaculatory process, and the various fractions are evaluated separately.

SPERM ANTIBODIES: The laboratory performs direct and indirect testing for the determination of sperm antibodies.

SEMEN CULTURES: Specimens are prepared for aerobic, anaerobic, Ureaplasma, Mycoplasma. Neisseria, and Gardnerella cultures, Chlamydia testing, and Gram stain.

SPERM FREEZING AND STORAGE: Our Andrology laboratory performs donor sperm cryostorage as well as specimen thawing and preparing for insemination.   Our lab uses sperm obtained from commercial sperm banks meeting the criteria and guidelines stated by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), and the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB).

Our laboratory has a unique cryobanking program, known as “Client Depositor program”, which consists in the deposition of the husband’s semen, for men about to undergo various types of surgical, chemical, or radiological therapies that may endanger their reproductive integrities.

Cryobanking services are also offered in specific instances where the husband is temporarily or permanently absent, or to men who might want to father children if an accident or other health circumstances should one day impair their reproductive capabilities.

SPERM PREPARATION AND SEPARATION PROCEDURES: Specimens are  prepared and processed for Therapeutic Husband (THI) and Donor (TDI) intrauterine insemination (IUI), and for Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART).


* Some of these laboratory procedures require more time and special handling.  Patients need to contact our offices for specific instructions.